Remi is a photographer with a keen interest in documenting conflict and natural world. She has a strong passion for depicting injustices in the world, ranging from those impacted by war to giving voices to those in need of a platform. Originally, from Vail, Colorado, she currently lives in Lugano, Switzerland where she graduated with a degree in Visual Communication of the Arts with an emphasis in Photojournalism from Franklin University. She has undertaken projects in Iceland, Namibia, South Africa, Italy, and Lebanon. Since her recent work with ACTED in Lebanon, she's been inspired to continue work in the Middle East, and beyond.

Documentary photographer, specifically interested in conflict photography. I aim to portray my portfolio and projects in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. As well as the creation of my blog (with a work in progress title) "Travel Beyond Comfort" in order to develop a more journalist style of writing. Through this process, I hope to  gain perspective on perception, war, war photographers, and the field.

"Travel in every direction because time doesn't last forever"

-Remi Cuomo-

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